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The site provides a platform for people to collaborate & exchange ideas, which improve our surroundings/society. Everyone can contribute, support and come up with a plan to implement these ideas. 1ClickIdeas will be a catalyst in making this possible. Join us, for a new beginning…

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   Customer loyalty/shopping behaviour using facial recognition
Idea has no volunteers/Funders, also it is not yet implemented

All supermarkets have cameras positioned at various locations including billing counters (or nearby) and at the exit door.

At the time of payment, supermarket can capture the digitized version of t.....

More...Srini Apr 18 2014 7:07PM0|0
   Using unaccounted customer loyalty points for CSR initiative
Idea has volunteer(s)

Millions of customers visit Tesco stores in the UK & other countries for their shopping every week, however not all customers sign up for the club card scheme. Spending by such customers attracts no club card p.....

More...Srini Jan 18 2014 5:50PM1|0
   Innovative and efficient Traffic Signal ideas.
Idea has volunteer(s)

One colour changing LED traffic signal will do instead of three separate lights (please check out the YouTube video for details http://yout.....

More...Srini Dec 23 2013 9:03PM1|0
   Idea to improve the Traffic Signal concept in India
Idea has volunteer(s)

As we all know in India the Traffic Signals are not really helping either to control the fast growing traffic, or to control the fuel consumption in metros. Some time back the government has come up with an ide.....

More...S A Nov 2 2013 5:05PM2|0
   Water harvesting doesn't cost much
Idea has no volunteers/Funders, also it is not yet implemented

This is applicable to people living in flats as well as independent houses . I have recently made water harvesting pit in my independent house . It hardly costs around Rs 5000 for (7 X 4 X 3 ft) pit including l.....

More... Oct 14 2013 9:11PM0|0
   Finding other International students from your own country.
Idea has no volunteers/Funders, also it is not yet implemented

Universities in UK or US or elsewhere attract large number of international students. During induction week or initial days/weeks there is this strange feeling of uncertainty/nervousness, being in a new place/c.....

More...Srini Oct 5 2013 3:14AM1|0
   Free Google Navigation in Unsupported Countries-Offline mode
Idea got Implemented

This work around is useful in countries where Google Navigation (voice enabled navigation) is unavailable/unsupported.

Also useful in countries where Google Navigation is available i.e. to use offli.....

More...1ClickIdeas Jun 14 2012 8:42AM2|0
   Donate your old text books to goverment school
Idea has no volunteers/Funders, also it is not yet implemented

Every citizen of india should strive to improve our education, i dont think we need to serve and join NGO's for that.

All we have to do is instead of selling your children old books, just donate the.....

More... Jun 11 2012 7:25AM1|0
   Recycling in india
Idea has no volunteers/Funders, also it is not yet implemented

Why cant we recycle plastic and paper in india as we do in another contries.

Every apartment should have a plastic and paper recycle bin in celular so that we can save our enviromental pollution.

More... Jun 11 2012 7:18AM0|0
   Wearing Helmet ..the right way!
Idea got Implemented

We often see many bikers not wearing helmets, or if they wear they leave the belt open (plain lazy? what's the use of it??).

In accidents they get seriously injured, sometimes even losing lives...so.....

More...1ClickIdeas May 13 2012 5:46PM2|0
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