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50. Free Google Navigation in Unsupported Countries-Online mode
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Using Android Phone & Google Maps to navigate in India/any other country where Google Navigation is Unsupported/Unavailable.

Things you need:
1. GPS enabled Android phone with Google Maps
2. Mobile internet connection (2G/3G connection)

Ensure you switch on your mobile internet & GPS. Now open Google maps, Select Menu & click on Directions, set your Destination/End Point & click on 'Get Directions'

Once you get route map, click on right arrow (-> ) or zoom in using plus (+) symbol to zoom to a level where you can see road layout. Now click on 'My location' icon. This will take you to your current position on the map. Use this icon whenever you need to get back to current position after you attend a phone call or check something else on your mobile.

Now start driving (follow the blue path on the map) and see the blue icon moving along the map as per you movement.

That's it , happy riding. Check our video demo @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdTQMb0hiAk

By the way change your screen time out to 30 minutes or so to avoid screen going blank while using maps.

For Offline navigation, check below links:

Other options you can use:
1. Apart from driving directions, you can get Public Transport details i.e which Bus(es) to catch to reach your destination or get Walking Directions (shortest route possible). Select appropriate option at 'Get Directions'
2. Choose Satellite or Traffic View in Layers options.
3. Search for Restaurants/Attractions/ATM's/Petrol Stations etc & even Check-in to various places to post in your Facebook profile.
4. Change from Map View to List View & click on Menu for getting 'Reverse' route map.
5. Save your favourite destinations in 'My Places'.

Based on your data plan, charges may be apply.

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  • Its very true! I am also using an Android phone with the GPS navigation system .. Its very convenient..You dont have to worry about stopping at every point and asking for routes to go to a certain destination.. Its shown on the Google Maps very clearly.. It also shows your current location on the map and how you are traversing with respect to the route it shows on the map.. Very useful indeed!
  • -- phil  Mar 13 2012 8:21PMReport Spam
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